Music and Design...

Hey all, Matthias here!

Just like a soundtrack can make or break a movie, the same can be said about music while working on a game. Music is essential to me, it allows me to tune out the world out and get into the mindset of the project I am working on. Sometimes I can't get motivated and music helps break that more times than not.

But it has to be the right music for the right project, allow me to share what I was listening to when I was working on Rampaging Jotunn and what I listen to while working on Zero Day War. Both have distinct music that get my creative juices flowing.

While working on the Rampaging Jotunn I listened to Wardruna, the Vikings Soundtrack and Skuggsjá a lot. It made me more invested in everything and put me in the mood to work on it every time. If you get the chance to listen to all three Wardruna CDs, take it. These albums make me feel like I am hearing the hymns of old, that a battle is about to commence at any moment and I needed that while working.

Currently while working on Zero Day War, I have been listening to what I feel are the best cyberpunk music I have. I have been sticking to the multiple Ghost in the Shell soundtracks (Mostly Stand Alone Complex and Arise), the two Deus Ex Soundtracks and the two Neo-Tokyo Soundtracks. These bring me to the nearly exhausted Earth as well as the pristine forests of Mars of 2461, I get the best ZDW ideas while listening to them.

Next time you play Rampaging Jotunn, play this in the background, you'll thank me:

Wardruna  - Runaljod